Run Smarter To Run Faster

Runners are well aware that training load increases have to be gradual, otherwise they are at risk of injury. To become a faster runner, the load must be increased in order to encourage adaptation, however not be so high that the tissue becomes overloaded resulting in an injury. Runners clearly struggle to find this sweet […]

The Throwing Shoulder

Throwing puts enormously high stress on the shoulder at high velocities. In fact, rotation during throwing, or more specifically pitching, is the fastest human movement recorded. Sports that involve repetitive amounts of throwing, often have high shoulder injury rates. One study in baseball reported that 28% of all injuries in professional pitchers were shoulder related. […]

Strength Training For Runners

I see many runners in the clinic and more running injuries than I would like to! These injured runners are often lean and very fit, though are often quite weak in their major running muscles. They may have developed excellent cardiovascular fitness with all the running they have managed to get in over the past […]

Heat Up Your Golf Swing

Warm up? There are still many golfers who do not adequately warm up and cool down before and after a round of golf or a practice session[i]. There are studies that show that effective warm up routines can improve your golf swing and club head speed which has a strong correlation to an increase in […]

Train Harder And Smarter

Does your body keep breaking down with ‘niggles’ when you start training or exercising? A smarter approach to training will help reduce the risk of injury and allow you to train harder.  When someone with a sports injury presents to a Physiotherapy clinic, part of the Physiotherapist’s role is to assess the injury, the impairments […]

Treating TMD: Don’t Suffer Through Jaw Pain

Your jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to your skull and work by using muscles, ligaments, capsule and a disc.  Each component contributes to the smooth operation of your jaw.  As a result your jaw is one of the most active, powerful and complex joints in your body.  It moves up to 2000 […]

Achilles Tendinopathy: Lighten The Load

The achilles tendon connects the calf to the foot and plays a major role in propulsion as well as energy absorption during walking, running and jumping.  Pain commonly occurs when the tendon is exposed to an unaccustomed load which can often be the result of: A sudden increase in training Biomechanical failure causing increased work at […]

Don’t Dread The Treadmill

A wet and windy winter in Canberra has meant we have either spent less days out on the track or it’s driven us indoors to the dreaded treadmill to get in the kilometres. It begs the question; What is the best way to get a good run out of the treadmill? How do we get […]

Mind Your Posture At Work

Is your work station set-up contributing to an existing injury?  Many desk-based jobs involve significant amounts of time spent sitting.  Many injuries will be provoked by prolonged activities such as sitting, long periods of typing/mousing or repetitive neck movements.  For this reason, it is important that our desk space is set up correctly to help […]

Top Tips For Running In The Cold

In Australia, the winter months are usually the best time for long distance running. However, whether you are a novice or more experienced runner, running in Canberra during winter involves exercising in what can be an uncomfortable and motivationally challenging environment. The benefit of running at this time of year is that you can push […]

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