5 Easy Tips to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

As work demands rise and technology improves, we are sitting for an increasing proportion of our day. If this is coupled with poor work behaviours the risk of neck pain rises. Here are five simple strategies to reduce the risk of neck pain at work. Stand up! One study showed the longer you sit, the […]

Explore your options before making healthcare decisions

You may have seen the episode on “Four Corners” this week on the billions of dollars of waste in our health care system, through unnecessary investigations and/or surgical intervention.   Here is a link to the episode in full. Here are five take home points to think about from the program.   Don’t forget your […]

Low Back Pain – Should I get a scan?

Should I get a scan? Is my back hurting because I have a disc bulge? Physios are regularly asked questions such as these by people experiencing low back pain. There is actually no evidence that discs or other anatomical features being out of alignment actually cause pain People are still being sent for radiological investigations at […]

Your Next Run – Leave the Headphones at Home

The world has become so high-paced and technology driven, that the majority of people cannot just ‘go for a run’. They have their headphones in, listening to high intensity music or a metronome to pick up their cadence in order run through the city, so they can cut out the noise of traffic, their heavy […]

ACL injuries of the knee

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a ligament enclosed within the knee, attaching at the medial portion of the lateral femoral condyle (thigh bone) and anterior tibia (shin bone). The ACL provides stability to the knee, preventing the tibia from sliding forward relative to the femur and more importantly, provides rotational stability for pivoting. ACL […]

Soft Tissue Injuries & Early Management

Muscle Strains and Tears A strain or tear in a muscle occurs when some or all the fibres fail to cope with the demands placed upon them.  Muscles commonly affected are hamstring (posterior thigh), quadriceps (anterior thigh) and gastrocnemius (calf muscle).  This is typically because these muscles cross two joints and therefore are more susceptible […]

Childhood Continence

Many children experience soiling, daywetting or bedwetting symptoms beyond the age that they would be expected to be dry. Often children with daywetting symptoms will also experience bedwetting. Bedwetting can be caused by many factors including: Decreased bladder capacity Increased urine production at night Poor arousal from sleep Your child may never have been dry […]

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy is characterised by pain in the Achilles tendon which is located at the back of the ankle. Pain can be felt during the aggravating activity, but often has a 12-24 (and sometimes 48) hour delay, with pain often felt the morning after the inciting activity. Achilles tendinopathy typically occurs when the tendon is […]


Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago that focuses on unique body conditioning and postural alignment exercise techniques. Pilates exercises emphasise the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness, in order to support efficient movement.   Pilates is widely recognised for its significant effect […]

Minimalist Shoes

The Run Down on Shoe Choice Despite the significant developments in shoe technology providing greater stability, traction, shock absorption and varying type of material, minimalist shoes have become popular due to  ‘less is better’. However please take care in determining whether minimalist is appropriate for you, and also if they are suitable for you then […]

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