Back pain is complex and involves more than just discs, muscles and joints.  With up to 80% of people experiencing discomfort at some stage in their life, it’s one of the most common complaints we see at our clinics. Our Physiotherapists adopt a modern approach, working collaboratively with clients to address all the possible contributing factors to their back pain. These include:

  • Physical factors
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Ergonomics
  • Psychosocial factors


Step 1: History

We will take a thorough history allowing you to tell us the story of how your back pain arose and what has happened between then and your initial consultation. Activities and movements that influence your pain will be identified as well as the pattern of how your symptoms behave through the night and day. This information is helpful in determining a provisional diagnosis that will guide your physical examination.

Step 2: Physical Examination

The hands on element of the assessment process is essential in determining dysfunctional and painful movement patterns that are contributing to the pain in your lower back. Our Physiotherapists will perform a manual assessment to identify what level of your spine is the likely source of your pain and assess for joint stiffness and protective muscle spasm. We will also assess for any strength and motor control deficits that may be contributing to your pain. The findings of the physical examination will help determine the appropriate treatment plan.


Treatment will be tailored to the individual and usually consists of:

  • Manual therapy to reduce back pain and stiffness
    (joint mobilisations and soft tissue massage)
  • Education and advice
  • Specific exercises for spinal mobility, muscle strength
    and control
  • Advice on returning to general exercise
  • Ergonomic advice


Our aim is to provide hands on, manual therapy to give immediate and lasting relief, but also to help the individual gain a clear understanding of their low back pain so they can be proactive in their own recovery.

Treatment will be designed to restore normal movement and function as quickly as possible in a caring, positive environment.

Clients’ long term health is our goal and for this reason we provide a holistic approach, aiming to ensure maintenance of optimal health in the future. This can include our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists working together as necessary to help achieve long term results for our clients.

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