If you are feeling stressed, have muscle tension or soreness, or just want to unwind, massage therapy can help.

Capital Clinic Physiotherapy is now able to offer massage therapy to complement its holistic approach to injury management, health and wellbeing.

We are happy to welcome Luke Fordyce to our team, an experienced massage therapist who is not only passionate about what he does but believes that massage is a fundamental part of leading a holistically healthy lifestyle.



Remedial massage

  • A variety of massage techniques are used to decrease pain and tension in soft tissue, increase range of motion and enhance your posture

Sports massage

  • Pre-event, post-event and maintenance sessions
  • Assists with enhancing your performance, injury prevention, injury management and maintenance for a fast recovery

Lymphatic drainage

  • Slow and light massage techniques are used to help decrease swelling, increase circulation and specifically target the lymphatic system

Relaxation massage

  • Focuses on deep breathing throughout the session
  • Light to medium pressures are used to help reduce stress, increase circulation and promote natural healing of the soft tissue

 Pregnancy massage

  • Pre and post natal massages help the soft tissue cope with the changes your body is going through
  • Specifically targets the hips and lower back region while assisting with circulation and correcting imbalances throughout the entire body


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