Our Physiotherapists have extensive training in the assessment and management of complex pain conditions, including Matt Croger who is one of Canberra’s only Physiotherapists with Master’s level training in pain management.

Effective pain management relies on your Physiotherapist identifying all the areas related to your pain which may include:

  • Physical dysfunction
  • Workplace stressors/environmental stressors
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Ergonomic problems
  • Psychological contributors

Our Physiotherapists will work with you to identify these problems and effectively explain how they contribute to your symptoms. They will then develop a plan to help you move forward with your pain.

We offer the following services which are specifically related to Pain Management:

Individual Pain Education

Our individual pain education program, conducted over 5 sessions, is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ program in Canberra. During the sessions, we explain the biological processes behind pain, the psychosocial contributors of pain and how this may be affecting your pain experience. We recommend strategies to manage pain and provide advice to help clients implement these changes at home. Combined with an active program like our supervised exercise program, you will have the tools you need for effective pain management and the best chance for relief.

Supervised Exercise Programs

Exercise based rehabilitation is proven to be effective in the management of many painful injuries. Our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are up to date on the most current forms of treatment in pain science and will tailor a supervised exercise program to meet your specific needs and goals. Our customised exercise programs aim to return you to full function and develop ongoing pain management strategies. We incorporate elements from our pain education sessions to give your body the best chance at recovery.

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