David Halpin

David Halpin

MExSc (ClExPhys)
ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Pilates Practitioner

Special Interests:  Running Biomechanical Analysis & Rehab, Work Related Injuries (Low Back Pain, Neck & Arm Pain)

David graduated with a Masters of Exercise Science (Clinic Exercise Physiology) from the University of Canberra in 2012 where he was awarded the Deans award in 2012, as well as the Post-Graduate Exercise Science Award for both years of his Masters degree. During his studies, David worked at both the ACT Academy of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport. David joined our team in 2013.

Since graduating, David has worked in clinical practice as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist – specialising in providing exercise for chronic diseases and conditions as well as musculoskeletal conditions. He creates a relaxed and highly supportive environment, to produce the fastest recovery for all clients.

David is passionate about creating an active society, whether it be motivating sedentary clients to commence regular physical activity, or assisting highly active athletes to return to sport post-injury or to make small adjustments to perform at a higher level. When he is not busy looking after his clients, he is out training and competing in long-course triathlon and running events.

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