Workplace Assessments

Our Physiotherapists are trained to assess work environments with the aim of minimising the risk of work-related injuries. We’re experienced in the treatment of workplace injuries and can easily identify symptoms of discomfort caused by a work-space or work behaviours.

Our assessments consider the following:

  • Desk posture related pain
  • Assessing individualised work-space needs
  • Minimising work related injuries for employers

Early Intervention Programs

Implementing an Early Intervention Program can help businesses and Government departments maintain the health and wellbeing of staff while minimising workers’ compensation costs. An ongoing program ensures problematic cases can be flagged early which will assist with treatment in the acute stage of injury.

Exercise Classes

A Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist runs our on-site, small group classes.  These 45-60 minute classes promote work health by focusing on:

  • Flexibility
  • Core strength and stability
  • Postural muscle endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness

These classes are specifically designed to address common problems associated with sedentary work.

Pre-employment Screenings

We offer pre-employment assessments for new employees which aims to determine the level of risk associated with an individual. It will estimate risk in regards to sustaining an injury at work based on the employee’s medical history, and will provide recommendations on how that risk can be managed. Assessments can screen the employee for any general injury issues or can be tailored to concentrate on a particular body area.


These sessions help educate employees on how to minimise the risk of injury at work and assist them in taking an active role in injury prevention. We provide on-site group lectures covering topics such as:

  • Ideal workstation set-up
  • Ideal work postures and behaviours
  • Common postural problems and their causes
  • The science of pain and its mechanisms
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Desk-based stretches and exercises
  • The Physiotherapy early intervention program
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Bookings can also be made with our physiotherapists in Deakin by calling ACT Pain Centre.

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