As work demands rise and technology improves, we are sitting for an increasing proportion of our day. If this is coupled with poor work behaviours the risk of neck pain rises. Here are five simple strategies to reduce the risk of neck pain at work.

  1. Stand up! One study showed the longer you sit, the more likely you are to have neck pain. Standing up frequently, whether to pop to the water cooler, chat to your colleagues or just go for a walk around- all will help. Stand up desks may be beneficial, especially if you regularly change between sitting and standing.
  2. Keep the neck moving. Avoid holding the same neck position for long periods of time. Especially if looking down. Studies have shown people who look down for long periods are more likely to get neck pain. It’s easy to get caught up in a document you’re reading- so remember to move frequently. Sometimes document holders can help.
  3. Keep fit and healthy. There is plenty of research that shows keeping yourself fit prevents neck pain, and, of course, has heaps of other health benefits too!
  4. Manage your stress. If you are stressed, or unhappy at work, you are more likely to get neck pain. Speak with your boss about changing things that don’t work for you. Refer to point three! Research shows if you do exercise or sport it’s likely you’ll be happier at work.
  5. Get your workstation set up correctly. A good set up can make it easier for you to adopt better postures. However it is not the only answer. Regular movement is still important.

Capital Clinic Physiotherapy provides workstation assessments to a number of ACT and Commonwealth Government departments and private companies. We see people in our clinic every day with work-related injuries and understand that healthy work behaviours are key in the management and prevention of these conditions.