From December 2 there will be some disruption in how you are able to travel to see us in the city. We will endeavour to keep you updated as well as possible. As a city-based business this does represent potential for significant impact on us and we appreciated your continued support of us over the coming disruption period.

Below is the most up to date map of construction with some comments following:

For the City Centre practice access this should be reasonably unaffected other than the parking impacts that have been present for some time. With the move to 221 London Circuit we are now closer than ever to the carparks on London Circuit and Canberra Centre.

City West access is primarily affected for our southern dwelling clients. No longer can you access London Circuit immediately from Commonwealth Avenue, with the cloverleaf access permanently closed. Instead you will be able to access via Edinburgh Avenue (which has a brand new multistorey carpark on the right which replaces the previous outdoor carpark) or by continuing to London Circuit and turning left.

For more information you can access OR