Shin splints: think foot function!

Shin splints (often known as medial tibial stress syndrome or MTSS) is an injury that has been known to plague keen runners and avid athletes. Treatment of MTSS is particularly variable in both delivery and success due to the nature of MTSS and the difficulty to reduce load / activity / running in this injury […]

Titleist Golf Assessment – A Case Study

Below is a case study of a Titleist Performance Institute, medical professional golf assessment run by Sam Jeffery. What to read more about our golf services? Then do so here, or read more about the Titleist Performance Institute assessments here. Want to book an assessment? Click here to book. Introduction A 60 year old male […]

COVID-19 Lockdown ACT

We remain open through the current lockdown in the ACT. To help keep everyone safe we are screening all patients and visitors to ensure they have: Not been at any of the COVID exposure sites Not been contacted by ACT Health as part of contact tracing Signed in using the Check In CBR App We […]

At home strategies to reduce bedwetting

Bedwetting, also referred to as enuresis, is when a child involuntarily empties their bladder whilst sleeping. It is only considered to be a concern once children are over the age of 5, however if children are slower to develop milestones, they may also be delayed in achieving continence. In Australia, around 1 in 5 children […]

Telehealth appointments

To further help the health of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are bringing physiotherapy into the digital world by having patient-physio telehealth consultations. Telehealth consultations for physiotherapy have been shown to be very effective in managing many musculoskeletal conditions. Telehealth will be implemented at Capital Clinic Physiotherapy to help support the most vulnerable […]

Paediatric Telehealth

We are excited to be announcing the launch of our telehealth platform for paediatric assessment and treatment. Telehealth involves the use of technology for communication between practitioners and patients to host an online consultation. It has been shown to be as effective as face to face consults. Therapy options through telehealth include advice, education and […]

Babies don’t like tummy time…

Often new parents are misled to believe that their child is the only child within a friendship circle or mothers’ group whose baby cries when is placed on their tummy, which is often not the case at all. Babies simply just don’t like this position – it requires them to have to hold their own […]

So you’re setting up your office at home…

As ‘you know what’ continues to spread and further restrictions on social distancing and self-isolation also continue, working from home is becoming the new norm.  The question is… Do I have a good office set-up at home? Making sure you are in a good position to be working from your brand new home office is […]

COVID-19 & Exercise

During this time of stress and unknown it is natural to want to lock yourself up, have takeaway food delivered and binge on Netflix all day. However, it’s critical that we try maintain our daily structure during these challenging coming months as best as possible by sticking to our normal structure of eating and activity. […]

Training in the Pre-Season

The off season is about resting the body and mind after the last season, so you are ready to go again next season. However, the challenging part is finding a balance between recovery and not losing all of your hard work from the previous season. If you spend the entire off season on the couch, […]

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