Titleist Golf Assessment – A Case Study

Below is a case study of a Titleist Performance Institute, medical professional golf assessment run by Sam Jeffery. What to read more about our golf services? Then do so here, or read more about the Titleist Performance Institute assessments here. Want to book an assessment? Click here to book. Introduction A 60 year old male […]

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessments and Rehabilitation

The Titleist Institute of Performance (TPI) is an educational organisation that teaches and explores the relationship between strength, flexibility, biomechanics and the golf swing. TPI has a long history of studying the human body and its relation to the golf swing from amateur to professional golfers. 18 of the last 20 major winners on the […]

Heat Up Your Golf Swing

Warm up? There are still many golfers who do not adequately warm up and cool down before and after a round of golf or a practice session[i]. There are studies that show that effective warm up routines can improve your golf swing and club head speed which has a strong correlation to an increase in […]

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Located on the New Acton/ANU side of the City, directly across from the police station and the law courts.
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