To further help the health of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are bringing physiotherapy into the digital world by having patient-physio telehealth consultations. Telehealth consultations for physiotherapy have been shown to be very effective in managing many musculoskeletal conditions. Telehealth will be implemented at Capital Clinic Physiotherapy to help support the most vulnerable people in our community:

  • Elderly
  • Immunocompromised
  • Patients with associated health conditions who make them at risk

Telehealth will also be helpful for those patients who:

  • Have been placed in self-isolation or quarantine
  • Those patients who are currently showing cold or flu symptoms
  • Other patients who are guardians and have to look after children whilst schools are closed

If you are a current patient at Capital Clinic, you are an ideal candidate for telehealth consultations for your follow-up appointments.

How does it work?

A majority of musculoskeletal injuries can be assessed, diagnosed and treated using telehealth. All physiotherapy consultation with and without telehealth start with an array of questions designed to narrow down a provisional diagnosis. So prior to any physical assessment is carried out, we have a pretty good idea of a patient’s diagnosis.

When using telehealth we will ask you to complete certain movements and tests that can be performed at home. We will provide you with education about reducing aggravating factors and tasks that can be done to ease symptoms. Soft tissue therapy and joint mobilisations are common treatments in clinic and these won’t quite be able to be delivered to our patients. Instead, we will give you advice on how to self-massage or self-release certain body parts.  A home exercise program will also be given and is one of the most effective management strategies to help treat musculoskeletal injuries.

Will it work for your injury?

Obviously in some instances, a certain injury may not be able to be treated. Prior to a telehealth consultation with a Capital Clinic Physiotherapist, you will fill out a short form which will let us know if your injury is appropriate for a telehealth consultation. If the consultation goes ahead and your treating physio thinks that we can’t help you via telehealth, you won’t be charged for a session.

What do you need?

Quite simple really, a good internet connection, a computer or laptop with a web cam, and a bedroom sized space that can be used to run through assessments.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact City Centre on 02 6257 8900 or City West on 6153 6200.