Due to golf having a high prevalence of injuries, in particular of the back, shoulder and elbow, Sam has pursued the Titleist medical qualification to provide assistance and expertise to fellow golfers in managing their pain and improving their performance.

Pain related to golf is very common and effects many areas of the body. Common factors that may give arise to pain are:

  • Deficits in range of motion (particularly in the hips, spine and ankles)
  • Strength deficits / imbalances (particularly in the shoulders and hips)
  • Errors in the swing (overload of the back and arms)
  • Training load error (overtraining)

Our Physiotherapists’ knowledge and expertise in this area allows them to diagnose injury to get you back on the course sooner, identify physical restrictions effecting performance and provide strategies to promote longevity.

Golf Assessments

If you’re a keen golfer who suffers from an injury, ache or pain that is effecting your golf game or if you’re just looking to unlock your swing we offer specialised golf assessments at our City West practice with Dr Sam Jeffery.

Based on the training from the Titleist Performance Institute, our golf assessments are designed to not only identify weaknesses in your swing, but to identify strengths and how we can amplify those strengths. Your swing sequence will be analysed in conjunction with your physical assessment scores to identify deficits we can improve with a specific movement and strength program. This program includes a variety of mobility, strength and coordination exercises to ensure your body is not holding you back with your golf swing.

Your golf assessment will include:

  • Titleist Performance Institute Musculoskeletal Screening.
  • Video Swing analysis (we recommend if you have a golf pro that this is completed prior and brought in with you).
  • Report with body-swing connection information, analysis of pivotal strength and range of motion findings and treatment recommendations.
  • A specific and specialised strength program individually tailored to you and your golf swing.


If you would like a golfing injury assessed, or to arrange a golf assessment, please call Capital Clinic Physiotherapy – City West on 6135 6200 to book or book online here

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